We rely on our many years of experience to determine whether a tooth extraction is absolutely necessary.
419 dental tooth extractions

An Overview

At 419 Dental, we do our best to protect and preserve your teeth. A tooth extraction is a last resort but sometimes the best course of action to take for your overall dental wellbeing.

Tooth Extractions for Children

For children, baby teeth can grow misshapen, or a tooth may develop long roots, preventing it from falling out as it should. The tooth has to be removed to make way for the permanent tooth to erupt from the child’s gums. It is especially important to make sure your child has any necessary teeth extracted prior to beginning any orthodontic treatment, as this is the basis of your child’s dental health. Dr. Custer likes to be called Dr. Brian when working with pediatric patients.

Wondering if you may need a tooth extracted?

If you or one of your family members need a tooth extracted, give us a call at 419-474-3411 today.