Why Digital X-rays Shouldn’t Be Scary

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Blog

If you are routine with your visits to the dentist, chances are you have found yourself sitting in the dentist’s chair preparing for a digital x-ray for a check-up or procedure. At first glance, it may be a little off-putting when trying on the protective vest and eyewear. 


However, digital x-ray technology has progressed significantly and has a number of added benefits over traditional technologies. The team at 419 Dental has put together a list of advantages when it comes to digital x-rays.


  • They are extremely time-saving. Because digital x-rays are usually available within seconds of taking them compared to older technologies, this means that your dentist can have a complete overview of your teeth almost immediately. This saves both their time as well as yours leading to treatment sooner.
  • Digital copies can be archived easily. Of course, being digital, these x-rays are much easier to store and organize than physically developed x-rays (physical copies of x-rays are also an option). Not only are they easier to store, but digital x-rays can also be easily communicated with other dental professionals or offices. 
  • You’re exposed to significantly fewer levels of radiation. It’s no secret that x-rays require certain levels of radiation exposure. With digital x-rays, patients are exposed to significantly less radiation than traditional film imaging by as much as up to 70% less. Because the technology also requires fewer retakes, that means you spend less time in the chair.
  • Digital x-rays allow for more detailed images. Advances in x-ray technology have made digital imaging significantly more effective in capturing the intricacies of dental structures. Not only is the resolution better, but digital x-rays can also be enhancing for even higher levels of definition.


Digital x-rays are extremely beneficial for monitoring your dental health and deciding on the appropriate treatment that works best for your situation. They’re an extremely effective tool that can accurately and efficiently diagnose whatever issues you’re running into. Contact our office today for more information on digital x-rays and if they’re right for you.