Is Whitening Your Teeth Really That Bad for You?

by | Oct 15, 2021 | Blog

We all want our pearly whites to be bright and shiny! But is it really harmful to your teeth if you get them regularly whitened? Before looking into the process and effects of teeth whitening, it’s important to look at some of the causes of tooth discoloration. The team at 419 Dental is here to tell you why professional teeth whitenings are perfectly safe and healthy!


Now, what exactly causes tooth discoloration? Some of the most common contributing factors to teeth discoloration lie within your diet. There are certain foods and drinks out there, such as coffee, that can slowly discolor your teeth over time if left without proper care. Other substances such as tobacco can also lead to an unsightly yellow appearance. Besides ingestion, age can also play a role in gradual discoloration.


When you walk into your dentist’s office for a routine whitening, what exactly are they doing poking around in your mouth while you sit in their chair? A common treatment for tooth discoloration is the application of hydrogen peroxide. When applied professionally, hydrogen peroxide penetrates into the enamel and whitens your teeth from the inside out. 


There are also a number of hydrogen peroxide kits/whitening pens available to purchase and use at home. Depending on the strength of the whitening pen, it is advised to avoid over-application of the whitening gel as it can lead to enamel damage if used incorrectly. 


One thing to keep in mind following a routine whitening is the feeling of increased sensitivity in your teeth. This is normal to persist in the days following the whitening. Our team highly recommends setting up routine whitening appointments with your dentist to maintain a healthy smile. Give our office a call if you’re in the Toledo, OH, area and would like to schedule a routine check-up!