How to Reduce Dental Anxiety

It’s not uncommon for people of all ages to be concerned about going to the dentist. In fact, dental anxiety, or dental fear, is estimated to affect approximately 36 percent of the population, with a further 12 percent suffering from extreme dental fear. Although dental phobia seems to be a common occurrence for many people, the team at 419 Dental does not want to let this fear keep you from going to your regularly scheduled dental examinations and keeping your teeth healthy. For our anxious patients, we provide several types of anxiety-reducing treatment and methods. A few ways to reduce fear and stress at the dentist are to ask for nitrous oxide, oral sedation, or request environmental control. If you are excessively nervous or scared about coming into the dental office, learn more about our anxiety-reducing options.

Environmental Control

The easiest way to calm dental anxiety is to control your environment! Playing music on noise-reducing headphones can drown out the sound of the drill and help you feel more relaxed. Some other options that may help you feel comfortable are wearing an eye mask or having a blanket on you during your exam.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is considered minimal sedation, which will make you feel light and comfortable. You will still remain in control and be able to interact with the dental staff and understand what is going on during your procedure. Nitrous oxide is combined with oxygen and given through a mask and is safe for any age. Nitrous oxide works quickly, and you will start feeling the effects in just a few minutes. You will return back to normal shortly after the mask is removed, allowing you to return to your normal daily routine.

Oral Sedation

For our more anxious patients, we also offer oral sedation. Unlike nitrous oxide sedation, patients take the sedative in the form of a pill in the hours leading up to the dental appointment. You can look forward to a relaxed and calm mood as a result of the sedation, which in turn will allow our dental staff to proceed with their dental procedure effectively. With oral sedation, we require that someone bring you to and from your appointment to ensure everything runs smoothly before and after your appointment.

Do you think you suffer from dental anxiety? Do not let the fear stop you from getting proper oral health care. If you suffer from anxiety surrounding dental visits or procedures, we have safe options readily available for you. Contact us to learn more about our anxiety-reducing management and schedule your dental appointment today.