Dental Tips for a Healthy Halloween

It’s Halloween season, but bad dental hygiene shouldn’t scare people away! The oral health of our little patients is very important to our team. Using Halloween as an opportunity to teach your children good oral hygiene habits can lead to a lifetime of good oral health. This Halloween, try these five tricks to keep your family’s teeth healthy. 

Keep The Halloween Candy as a Treat, Not a Snack

The more sugary treats you eat from the candy bowl, the greater your risk of cavities. Throughout the day, those sugars sit on your teeth and wear away at your enamel. Rather than eating Halloween candy all day, save a few pieces as a treat after a meal.

Brush Teeth Soon After Eating Candy

The best way to prevent cavities is to brush your teeth regularly. After eating candy, make sure your child brushes their teeth as soon as possible to remove harmful bacteria.

Drink Water

Besides having positive effects on your health, water is also great for your teeth and mouth! By drinking water, you can rinse away the sugar from your teeth instead of letting it cling to them. Additionally, it balances out the pH levels in your mouth that sugar causes to become unbalanced.

Chew Sugar-free Gum

After eating candy, chewing sugar-free gum increases saliva flow, which helps wash away acids and bacteria. As a result of its ability to block acid production on the teeth, gum containing xylitol is especially effective at preventing decay. 

Stay on Top of Your Cleaning Regime

It’s important to stay on top of cleaning your teeth. Every night before bed, make sure you and your children brush and floss. By brushing and flossing daily, you are more likely to prevent cavities. Brushing and flossing are the most important things that you can do to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

While Halloween is an exciting time of the year, it is important to maintain healthy teeth. Schedule your cleaning and checkup with our team so that we can catch potential problems early and you can enjoy a healthy Halloween with your family!